Karneval! Wir sind positiv bekloppt

A film by Claus Wischmann. 90 min., WDR 2014

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One year, five seasons and 365 days uncovering the secrets of the Karneval. The film takes a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the world’s largest folk festivals. All in keeping with the motto “After the session is before the session”.
The Cologne Carnival is one of the biggest folk festivals in the world. For a few days every year, millions of people – locals and strangers, dedicated revellers and tourists – come together in a collective frenzy of intoxication. But is it really all over on Ash Wednesday?
After the Carnival is also before the Carnival. No culmination without a prelude, no spectacle without a rehearsal. What is the role of this giant festival outside the official season? In his documentary, Claus Wischmann takes a look behind the scenes and follows five Cologne carnival revellers for one year in ‘Carnival! Proud To be Mad’.