In the Maze – The Musician Jörg Widmann

(A film by Holger Preuße, 42 / 52 min, BR/ARTE 2022)
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2023 Deutscher Kamerapreis, category editing (documentary)

2023 Golden Prague Festival, nomination

2023 Venice TV Award, category “Performing Arts”, nomination

7 Lives of Music – The Kanneh-Mason Family

(A film by Catharina Kleber, ZDF/3sat 2022, 60 min)
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2022 Rose d’Or / Arts, Shortlist

2022 Prix Europa TV IRIS, nomination

2022 Golden Prague Festival, nomination

The Voice of the Birds – Olivier Messiaen, Composer and Ornithologist

(Holger Preusse / Philipp Quiring, 52 min, SWR/ARTE 2022)
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2022 Golden Prague Festival, nominated

The Carnival of the Animals – The Story of a Score

(Holger Preusse / Philipp Quiring, 52 min., WDR/ARTE 2021)
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2021 Rose d’Or Award / Arts, nominated

Beethoven’s Ninth: Symphony for the world

(Christian Berger, Deutsche Welle, ZDF/ARTE, 2019)
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2021 Finalist ICMA Awards
2020 Deutscher Kamerapreis, category montage (Documentary)
2020 International Christian Film and Music Festival | Award for Best Documentary
2020 Eyes & Ears Award | Gold – Best Lead-in: Culture and Documentary
2020 The AIBs | Arts and Culture Award
2020 Ondas Award | International Television Award

New York Filmfestival für #MyEscape von Elke Sasse

Kinshasa Symphony

(Martin Baer / Claus Wischmann, 95 min., WDR/rbb 2010)
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2012 Grimme Preis Nominierung
2011 German Film Awards Lola Nominierung
2011 Gold World Medal / New York Television and Film Awards
2011 Best Documentary and Audience Award / Bozener Filmtage
2011 Gold Panda Award Best Long Documentary und Best Director / Sichuan TV Festival
2010 Great Prize / Jecheon International Film Festival Korea
2010 Audience Award / Vancouver Filmfestival
2010 Grand Prize Best Cinematography / Rhode Island International Film Festival
2010 Audience Award / German Filmfestival Ludwigshafen

„Gozo – One island, two operas“

(Claus Wischmann, NDR/ARTE 2016, 52min.)

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2017 Best Documentary / Malta Press Award
2016 Best Documentary / Golden Prague Festival

Survival Artists, Claus Wischmann, Holger Preuße, ZDF/ARTE 52 min., 2016 Vaclav Havel Award / Golden Prague Festival

Survival Artists

(Claus Wischmann, Holger Preuße, ZDF/ARTE 52 min., 2016)

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2016 Vaclav Havel Award / Golden Prague Festival
2016 Nomination Prix d’Italia

Karneval! (Claus Wischmann, WDR, RBB, gefördert von NRW-Filmstiftung, BKM, DFFF 93’)


(Claus Wischmann, WDR, RBB, gefördert von NRW-Filmstiftung, BKM, DFFF 93’)

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2015 German Film Awards Lola Vornominierung /short list
2014 Golden Panda Sichuan Nomination